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What is Provably Fair?

More often than not, players don’t trust Bitcoin online casinos. Why? Because it is very easy to rig the games and make them lose. This has happened more than a few times in the past. This is where Provably Fair comes in. This is a tool that makes the player verify the result of each roll to know if you being cheated on or not. We can say that Provably Fair is an algorithm that ensures that all Bitcoin games and casinos are fair.

While it is almost impossible to prove to complete certainty that something, like the results of a random game, is fair or if it is not, there has to be some underlying level of fairness to build a game on. The blockchain records each transaction in a completely transparent way. A correctly programmed platform that is built based on Blockchain does not allow the possibility of Bitcoin casino owners to cheat players no matter how hard they try to.

However, it is only natural for players to have some level of doubt when trying out a new crypto casino. This knowledge has prompted crypto casino owners to adopt the use of this provably fair algorithm to show players that they are playing their game in the fairest possible condition.

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How Provably Fair Works

The results of each roll can be calculated using these variables:

  1. Serverseed: This is given by the Bitcoin Casino.
  2. Clientseed: This is given by your browser and you can adjust it.
  3. Nonce: This is a number which goes higher with each bet you place.

You, as the player gets a hash of the serverseed that is encrypted before you start to gamble. It is impossible for the site to change this later since you obtain it before gambling starts. You also cannot calculate the results of your roll beforehand because it is encrypted. You can only do it after if you receive the unhashed serverseed.

The browser you are using generates a random clientseed.This random clientseed can be adjusted by you before the game starts and it is advisable that you adjust it. This makes you sure that the Bitcoin casino cannot know your clientseed in advance.

Depending on the browser you are using, the nonce will start with 0 or 1 as soon as u place a bet. This nonce number increases by one every time u make a new bet.

To verify the outcome of the generated result, you have to reveal the old serverseed and use it to calculate the results of the roll or bet on using a provably fair verifier. The previous serverseed will be revealed automatically as soon as you make a change to your clientseed.

How to Verify If an Outcome Was Fair

To know if the outcome of the test is fair, you need to make changes to your clientseed. This will allow you to verify your previous bets. After calculating the bet or roll results with a provably fair verifier, you have to compare the results with the outcome of the bet you actually made. If they are the same, you can be sure that the game has a fair outcome.

What Provably Fair Games Are There

These days, online gamblers seek fast withdrawals and peer to peer transactions; they also need to be able to have the full trust of the Bitcoin casino they choose. To build this trust, a lot of crypto casinos now make use provably fair technology to make players able to verify the outcome of their games like dice rolling, slot games, card games etc.

Here is a list of bitcoin casinos where you can play provably fair games:

There are many anonymous Bitcoin casinos around the web and many people do not know about them. All of these sites are properly certified and come packed with special services. There are so many casinos that you can try out for games. Here a list of few of the best Provably best casinos.

Crypto and Provably Fair Gambling News

The provably fair hamster

Mia the ‘winter white dwarf’ hamster will power high-stakes marble races on Sunday. The project, dubbed “Mia & the Marbles,” is an automated marble-racing and gambling platform. Developers say the project is inspired by a passion for provably fair gambling. The races will take place in real-time and are not pre-recorded, with a refund function in place for those who don’t get the outcome they want. The platform will be available on the mainnet on Sunday on the Bitcoin protocol.

Bitcoin at $200k long term?

A Bitcoin market analyst has estimated prices are likely to rise by more than 10 times. Rafael Schultze-Kraft claims that Bitcoin price indicators are “insanely bullish” Bitcoin breaks into six figures in each of his estimates, all but one reaching $200,000. The Net Unrealized Profit/Loss of Bitcoin has climbed back up to 78% of its 2017 value.

Hodling crypto soon illegal in France?

The French financial authorities are reinforcing cryptocurrency regulations in the nation. The goal is to discourage illegal activities such as money laundering and the funding of terrorism. The French authorities were vocally worried about the funding of illegal crypto-currency operations. Crypto was criticized by the French finance minister for supplying additional instruments for illegal activities. In order to incorporate new digital identification, the French government is planning to introduce new legislative requirements.

Outlook for unlicensed casinos in Switzerland not too bright

In their blacklists of unlicensed igaming operators, Swiss gambling regulators add a further 41 domains. Since last year’s blacklist scheme was implemented, over 180 websites have now been blocked from operating in Switzerland. The blacklists are frequently revised, stressing that the ESBK or Comlot domains work illegally in Switzerland. There are 13 fresh additions to the Comlot blacklist, three of which were also featured on the newESBK list.

List of Casinos

There are many Casinos online, and they offer several services but among them, Cloudbet, onehash, Fortunejack, Bitsler, Mbit, and Bitstarz.


They are a Provably Fair crypto casino that offers several game options around the world. They are popular because of their BITCOIN GAMES. They are very much respected by other Casinos.

Bonus Bets and Promotions

100% match BTC Bonus. They offer bonuses on several levels. For each minimum deposit of 0.01 BTC, you can receive a maximum bonus of 5BTC. This works through their loyalty points.

  • Money-Back Monday

This is an amazing offer that cloudbet gives out to her players. If a player makes a deposit on Mondays he can be given back a part of his money if he loses. He can be given up to 20% of his losses up to 50Mbtc.

  • Turn over Tuesdays

You get a free spin for every 2mBTC bet and get free spins as high as 100 per player.

Mobile App

They do not have a mobile app but their site works well on all devices.

Live Streaming

There is a huge number of live streaming options that come from different sports, and games.

Pay and Withdrawal Methods

They only accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash for their withdrawal and deposit.

Customer Support

They offer amazing LifeChat and own a blog with beautiful information’s about their bitcoin casino.


The casino owns two licenses from the governments of Curacao and Montenegro.


Every lover of Bitcoin Casino cannot claim not to know Mbit. They are great and amazing in their way. They offer several bonuses and promotional offers.


They are great at their bonuses. They offer 200% that matches up to 50mBTC.

They give 150mBTC, 900METH, 9LTC, 900Mbch, 225000 DOGE. It is important to know you don’t need a bonus code.


They do not have a mobile app, but their website is always available


They are licensed under Curacao and Direx N.V’s


There are several reasons why you should know this amazing Bitcoin Casino. They are great at games, and their games are developed by the best-developing companies in the world. They were established in 2014 and they do have made them self-popular in the market. They are one of the many anonymous bitcoin Casinos in the world.


You have nothing to be scared of while gambling with them because they are well certified and your details are secured also. They are a Provably Fair Casino that ensures they do not cheat you in any way. They are licensed by iTech Labs and certified also by curacao eGambling

Bonuses and Promotions

1.5 BTC welcome bonus

They also give out an amazing first deposit of 110% up to 5BTC plus 250 free spins. At the end of each month, they have a lottery where you can receive 20% of your losses back.


Although many people do not know about this Casino, yet it is an amazing Bitcoin Casino. It is a provably fair casino that gives out the perfect games and ensures that their customers don’t get cheated.


They are licenced. This means that they can be held responsible for any fraudulent activity. They are licenced by Curacao.

Deposit and withdrawal

They accept a wide range of cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal options. Here are their options:

Bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin, Zcash, Qtum, Ripple, DigiByte, Neo, Bitcoin Gold, Komodo.

Withdrawals are instant 10 or 15 depending on the cryptocurrency.

Bonus and promotion

They offer many bonuses that are unique to just them. You have a variety of great bonuses to pick from often paired with free spins.


There are many crypto Casinos, but there is none as unique as Onehash. They give out the best offers because they are probably fair. They do not cheat their customers and they have a whole lot of exciting games they offer. It was established in 2014 and has been awesome ever since.


They are licenced by Curacao. This means that they are legitimate and can’t cheat you.

Cryptocurrencies allowed

They allow Bitcoins as their means of withdrawal and deposit.


They have a no deposit bonus principle

Customers support

They are on several social sites, and they can be contacted through mail. They also have a 24/7 live chat.


bitStarz is one of the premium Bitcoin casinos on the market. It was established in 2016 and has made a name for itself ever since.

Bonuses and Promotional offers

It gives out 5BTC as a welcome bonus. You also 100% up to 1BTC for your first deposit. Their bonuses are nice and valid for 30 days. You also receive 180 free spins when you make your first deposit.

You can also sign up for no deposit bonus and you would receive 20 free spins.

Freespin Wednesday

You can make a deposit on Tuesday, and get a free spin on the next day. For a 3mBTC deposit, you get 20 free spins while for 7.5 mBTC you would receive 200 free spins.

Deposit and withdrawal

Their minimum deposit and withdrawal are:

0.0001 BTC, 0.001 BCH, 0.01 ETH/ LTC, 1000 DOGE.

Provably Fair Blackjack

One of the most popular casino games ever is blackjack. And if we are honest, it is also a game where the casino earns very little. Provided, of course, that you have mastered the optimal strategy. Then the house advantage is practically non-existent. There is therefore hardly a game where it would make so much sense for the casino to cheat. The more important it is to deal with provably fair blackjack. It is no longer possible to cheat because you can see every result and evaluate the fairness.

What makes good Provably Fair Gambling sites?

The beauty of block chain and crypto technology is that there are so many new approaches. For example, the dice pages are very popular because they are so simple and therefore fit very well to blockchain games. But there are also games where you make very simple bets, like what number the random number generator selects. Then it’s all about coming closest to this number and not being below it. This is interesting because you can play it with a lot of people and it’s a lot of fun.

These gambling sites did not exist before the Bitcoin and Crypto era. The world was relatively easily divided into classic online casinos, poker and sports betting. Today there is much more and 100% fair.


With CSGo it is also possible to place bets in the game and since it is difficult to establish a regulation for this, the provider is dependent on provably fair technology. It remains to be expected that with eSports like CSGo a lot will happen in this respect and the industry has to establish itself first.

FAQ about Provably Fair Casinos

What is gambling with Crypto?

This is the act of gambling with cryptocurrencies like bitcoins instead of actual mobile money

Can I play with cryptocurrency in these casinos?


Do they sell games and bonuses for free?

Yeah, they’re providing bonuses that are exclusive to their websites. They also encourage you to play some of their games for fun, so that before you gamble on it you can appreciate it.

How do I play in their Casinos

Go to the website, register and make a deposit, and you can start playing.

Is my account detail Secure?

Well it’s secure, they’re accredited, but they can be punished for some sort of wrongdoing.

What to keep in mind about Crypto Casinos

What do I need for online gambling?

Next, since you need to be over the legal limit for gambling, get acquainted with the gambling rules in your country or state. Secondly, to sign up for an account, you’d need to find a reputable place. Often make sure you read the casino’s analysis before you sign up. Most casinos are web-based so you should be able to play on any device that allows you to browse the internet. If you would like to play for real, you would need a way to deposit so look at a list of the casino’s accepted deposit methods. To guarantee that you are free to redeem your winnings, consider the wagering conditions if you apply for a payout.

How do I start playing at online casinos?

you will need to pick a casino site from Online Slots that best suits you and sign up.; you will need to pick a casino site from Online Slots that best suits you and sign up. You will be asked during the registration process to fill in some of your information. Use one of our many reviews with awesome welcome bonuses to pick a place, head over, sign up and start playing!

What’s the legal age to gamble online?

Depending on your country or state of origin, the legal gambling age is contingent. except in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec where the admissible age is 18.; except in Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec where the admissible age is 18. Most other countries in the world have a minimum age requirement of 18 which mostly coincides with the legal drinking age. Why not read a guide on the legal gambling ages across the globe or consult your local gambling authority website for more information.

What type of casino games can I play online?

You can play all the same online casino games as you can and more at a land-based casino. One of the most popular options is slots. From classic 3-reel games to the latest 3D video slots, there are thousands of titles to choose from. For an example, take a peek at our Super Fortune slot analysis.

May I deduct money from the bonus?

You can withdraw the bonus money when you meet the criteria for the wagering requirement. Any casino sites set a time limit during which an incentive can be earned. Before you can redeem the bonus money, other casinos can require you to make several deposits. You can get the most accurate information on the specific site’s terms & conditions.

What’s your take on virtual currencies?

It’s a weird place here. Very few rules have been released by the IRS on Bitcoin, and it is unclear what Bitcoin actually is. This field has moved more exponentially in some aspects than before the first internet surge of dot-coms began. But investors should not simply assume that the value of virtual currencies will always increase because these assets have limited track records and unproven underlying mechanisms to protect them from excessive volatility.

What does a blockchain that is decentralised mean?

Decentralized blockchain suggests that a cryptocurrency can have rights over only one user on each block. There’s a lot of interesting things happening in the space and if you’re interested in learning more check out our list of the most important developments.

Our next two presentations are about web browser privacy and the social impact of the blockchain.

Something old, something new

This year at the Torino Congressi conference center, we hosted the first Ethereum Global Summit. With the support of ConsenSys, Blockchain and Fintech have been taken together to explore how these revolutionary innovations are changing the environment.

Slides to help you make sense of the latest developments in blockchain can be found on the Torino Congressi’s website, so you can learn more by checking out our full coverage of the event.

It means that the information in the blockchain is not stored in a single place but is distributed across the network of people who are using it. For example, standard cash, such as pounds or dollars, is issued by the central banks that keep the records of where the money is going. However, with bitcoin, there is no single entity that is responsible for issuing bitcoins and keeping the records. Bitcoin works through an anonymous network of people who provide nodes to the blockchain. At any time, anybody can enter or leave the blockchain and it is important to cross-validate between the nodes to record something on the ledger. Where every given bitcoin address comes from is not understood. On the other hand, there is a single address that contains the money. So when an address is sent bitcoins, it is impossible to figure out who is sending it. All that can be said is that the address could have been created by the owner of the bitcoins and that he or she could be spending or receiving money from the address at the time. The sender’s name is never disclosed. This is why people are talking about bitcoin being untraceable because you can’t track the addresses of bitcoins that have been sent to your bitcoin address. This makes bitcoin the perfect medium for money laundering.

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