Cloudbet Crypto and Bitcoin Gambling

This is one of the highly respected game sites. It is an bitcoin casino that was established in 2013. It began to accept bitcoin as a means of payment in the year 2018 and since then it has become one of the best sites and envy of other casino sites. It has good service. Cloudbet offers various games, both old and new ones.

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Provably fair technology being used

There are several advanced technologies been used by Cloudbet and this is because they offer the best services to their customers at all times. Many of the games they use are developed by some of the biggest game development companies in the world.

The technologies used are many but some of the companies that made them are Micro gaming, PlayN Go, and Betsoft. Most of her games are produced by these game developing companies.

Game offering for Table Games

There are several table games on Cloudbet and they cannot be counted however there are some of them listed here. They are 32 Blackjack games, 8 Live blackjack tables, 16 Roulette games, 5 Live table poker games, 6 Baccarat games, 44 Video poker games, Keno games, 12 Live baccarat table, 12 Live roulette tables, and several others.

Available slot machines

These are so many slot games that the website offers, they are produced by the best hands, and some of them are.

The lure of Aztecs

Go Wilde in Ancient Egypt

A slot fit for a king

Big Win Cat – The Purrfect Slot

Deep Dive into Sea Hunter

7 Sins – What’s in the box?

  • Microgaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Betsoft
  • PlayN GO
  • Ezugi
  • VIVO Gaming
  • Elk Studios
  • Asia Gaming
  • Tom Horn Gaming
  • Spinomenal
  • Nolimit City
  • Playson
  • Leander Games
  • Quickspin
  • Leap
  • Ainsworth Gaming Technology
  • Iron Dog Studios
  • Netent

Cryptocurrencies you can deposit with

Cloudbet makes use of bitcoins and no other mean. It accepts the use of Bitcoin and bitcoin cash. They also allow live dealers. It is one of the early dealers of bitcoins online and has made a name for itself.

There is a minimum amount of bitcoin you can deposit and withdraw and it is as follow.

Min Deposit Amount: 0.001 BTC

Maximum Deposit Amount: N/A

Deposit Processing Time: Instant

Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 0.001 BTC

Maximum Withdrawal Amount: N/A

Withdrawal Processing Time: Instant for most requests

  • Bitcoin
  • BitcoinCash

Customer Support

They are customer friendly making sure everyone is happy at the end. They make time to listen to everyone’s complaints and answer them as they really should. You can use email to get answers as soon as possible ([email protected])

Allowed countries

Most countries in the world are allowed to use cloudbet except for countries like America, Honking, UK, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and South Africa. Most countries in Africa are allowed to use cloudbet. Other countries around the world also benefit from it.

A casino-sportsbook hybrid, Cloudbet is the perfect gaming site for punters and casino fans. It is highly trusted and many people use it. It is a great wave in the present generation. Unlike many other Bitcoin Casinos, its method of payment is unique. When you seek to consider a Bitcoin casino, it would be nice if you give it a try.

  • USA
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Brazil

In what languages is the Cloudbet site available?

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Indonesian
  • French
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Chinese
  • Thai

Does Cloudbet have live dealer casino games?

  • Yes
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FAQ about Cloudbet

What game developers does Cloudbet Offer?

Microgaming, PlayN Go, and Betsoft.

What are Cloudbet’s sponsored crypto currencies?

They accept Bitcoin and BitcoinCash.

What are the major countries that are not allowed to play?

The nations that are not permitted to play include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

What is the new first deposit bonus provided by Cloudbet?

You can get a bonus of up to 5000 mBtC if you deposit MBTC 10.

Does Cloudbet have live dealer casino games?

Yes they do.

FAQ about Crypto Casinos in General

Is It Legal to Gamble Online?

One of the biggest misconceptions about gaming online is that it’s illegal. Actually, gambling online in the United States is only illegal in New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and West Virginia, among a few other locations. (The state legislature will help you find out in your state whether gambling is illegal or not.)

The legality of online gambling depends on where you live. In the US, it is largely not illegal to play casino games for money online. Offering casino games to the public is probably illegal for most companies that do so.

Therefore, I do not recommend doing business as an online casino, but if you want to play at one, you are likely exposed to minimal legal risk. However, financial risk depends on how much money you put online.

State laws also vary. There are several jurisdictions with draconian online gaming regulations. For one the state of Washington considers playing online poker a felony.

As far as I know, no one has been arrested or convicted of online gambling, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Likewise, when it comes to allowing wagers made online for sports betting, rules differ by jurisdiction. Again there is no single rule that exists everywhere, although in all nations, only the more common sports would probably be legal.

Some people claim that spread betting is “legal” online.

If it’s legal in any state, it’s not legal online. There is no formal regulation or law that allows online spread betting, and it would be against the law to offer such services.

I will bet that most online gamblers recognize that an intrinsically immoral practice is spread betting. It is not explicitly illegal, but it would be against the law to offer it.

Legal casino sites like PokerStars have a separate online casino you can play your money at. These online casinos aren’t run by the actual casinos in Las Vegas. Instead, they’re managed by third parties, like GVC Holdings or Amaya Gaming.

PokerStars’ online poker game is one of the most popular out there, with more than 4 million players registered. Online casino site Spree Casino has even more. Plus, these sites have an easier way to rollover your old winnings, so you can transfer your winnings between online casinos.

According to a 2011 report from the U.S. 40 percent of Americans over the age of 21 play online poker, roulette, blackjack, slots, or other table games at the National Centre for Responsible Gaming. However, players over the age of 21 are also more likely to be satisfied with how these sites operate.

How much are cryptocurrencies valued?

The value of cryptocurrency depends on its usefulness. There are three major cryptocurrency industry segments: online digital currencies, service currencies, and product currencies. There are also other, very specific sub-categories of digital currency such as litecoin, dogecoin, quarkcoin, namecoin, zcash, nano coin, Peercoin, or dash.

Whereas traditionally currencies are issued by a central bank, and revalued every year to reflect inflation and fluctuations in the market, these altcoins are produced by a community, without a centralised authority and are not tampered with in any way.

Many analysts say the ether, bitcoin, and ripple are the most important digital currencies. These three are known as the “top 3 cryptos”. In order to pay in a cryptocurrency, you need to have a digital wallet (a storage place) for the digital currency. You can download the wallet software online, or you can download one in a mobile app on your phone. In order to send cryptocurrency, you need to have your wallet linked to your bank account or PayPal account. You can only send cryptocurrency to other people who have compatible wallets, which means if you want to send cryptocurrency to someone without an internet connection you would need to send it by regular fiat currency.

The fact that the former is tied to a central bank is one of the major gaps between traditional cash and cryptocurrencies. When developed, in a distributed network, cryptocurrencies reside where their usage, development, and security is managed by cryptography by its users.

Bitcoin, like other massive and more well-known cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin, was the first cryptocurrency. Ripple is arguably the most successful of the cryptocurrencies in terms of user uptake and transactions per day. Bitcoin Cash, a spin-off of Bitcoin, was created following the dispute between the core development team of Bitcoin and the community members that backed Bitcoin Cash.

People can either buy cryptocurrencies or sell cryptocurrencies. Buying coins or tokens is like purchasing stocks. The difference between an investor and an investor is when it comes to cryptocurrency the investor needs to be concerned about things such as how to sell a coin or token if they are buying a lot of it, or whether there is another buyer.

Why is Blockchain a trusted approach?

Blockchain performance is determined by openness. In cryptocurrencies, with hundreds of thousands of participants and a public ledger, there is no secret hiding behind a transaction; if I pay you with Ethereum, it’s very easy to know who the payee is.

This level of transparency is unique and is not achieved with a traditional enterprise accounting system. It implies that for example, if I got an invoice from you, I may verify its authenticity by simply verifying the blockchain record.

For so many reasons, you should believe Blockchain.
Given its open-source nature, its compatibility with other company apps.

Its security. As it was meant for online transactions, the developers have paid special attention to keeping up the pace when it comes to its security.
It really doesn’t matter what type of business one owns, Blockchain can easily be considered.

Last update: 15. july, 2024

87 thoughts on “Cloudbet Crypto and Bitcoin Gambling”

  1. Prof. Marco Jones II

    What I like about Cloudbet Casino is the ease of setting up an account, deposit and withdraw coins for free from deposit and withdraw any amount for free.

  2. Cloudbet Casino is my favorite casino because of the quality of the customer service. They answer every question you have in a fair and efficient way. The staff at Cloudbet Casino is very efficient when I called. The customer service agents gave me a quick response even when I called them during office hours. The deposit was quick and I was on my way. They also provided me with an online bonus code for my deposit. They have 3 different bonus games which are Win the Casino, Free Spins, and all the dealers. I love free games. There is a great variety of games and a great amount of progressive jackpots to win. The online casino has daily draws which you can win from. You can also play the progressive jackpots to get free money or an account bonus. I love all the games they have because they give you the opportunity to win huge amounts of money. They have some big jackpots. I’ve already won a few free spins to get a few free spins on their casino. It’s like getting something for free. There are different tables you can play at the casino, and each has different things to offer. They have roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and craps tables. I’ve played blackjack and baccarat already, and I love them both. The online casino is easy to use and works really fast. I love the fact that I can play on my phone and it works perfectly. It gives you a lot of bonuses. The deposits are quick and secure. I just made a $25 deposit and I was on my way to play. I got a bonus of $20 just for making the deposit. I love it. I don’t have to drive all the way out to a casino just to play. I can play right from my phone. Cloudbet Casino Casino is a must try casino. I’m always checking their websites and it is the best casino out there.

  3. What I dont like about CloudBet Casino Lack of PayPal Login process It’s easy to change layout (they use an image, they are not icons) Offline mode -I checked for this in the marketplace and they don’t support it. -they need a plugin to check online betting source -it says they don’t support bettrading on mobile devices, but the mobile integration wasn’t working in my testing Ups, The Android version is really good. The ios version I had some problems, especially with something that blocks other apps. I only play their single sports betas.

  4. Prof. Birdie Beier IV

    When I first used CloudBet I was worried at first about withdrawing my money, and not receiving money into my personal CloudBet bank account. I contacted the Support staff and they promised to make the process a bit easier and they did. So I decided to log into my personal account and send the money in. I would of never thought they would accept money on a personal account! My account was also verified so all I needed was to supply a few more details of myself. In the same hour I received an email with the email saying that my account had been approved. I called to get informed of the case number of the case review center, because I had thought that they were processing my case. They told me that I had 1) not sent the correct documents that would verify my identity, 2) the email was not correct, and 3) the email was not spamming. These are serious issues as they have a direct financial relationship with the bank that issue the emails. I emailed them the correct documentation, the answer was not satisfactory. I hope the email is not the final word about the situation as it can of been very confusing to deal with in the past. You can purchase your virtual card online for around 20 euro with bonus and 50 euro for free spins. You also get a 1x bonus if you buy more than 5 spins in a day and 5x if you buy 3 spins in a day. Not a bad deal at all but a bit disappointing.

  5. What I like about Cloudbet Casino is that I can always get my winnings back to my bank account, no matter how many bets are made, no matter how long i play. Even if my casino fails I can always withdraw my funds and I never have to get them back.

  6. What I don’t like about Cloudbet Casino is that I’m not able to play on the regular slots as I have different numbers of spins, I’ve tried to use my favourite games but everytime I’ve done it no matter the number of spins I’ll end up having a scratch and I’ve even seen the size of the slot match the amount of money I deposit as I had a special rate. I feel that with a £20 deposit they should give me some money back and stop using me like I’m some kind of bum. But all of that just goes to show how much these guys expect from you. That’s the second time I’ve written this review here and still I haven’t been paid back yet. What the heck man? Stay away you sick bastards. Give your customers the money you’re making and don’t punish them because they’re annoying you.

  7. Ethan Satterfield

    What I don’t like about Cloudbet Casino is. Cloudbet casino on their site are not easy to play with. The bonuses can not be done to you fast and the odds are not high. Also playing with others, both at the same time, can result in very bad outcomes. Having multiple accounts does not help. I wish I have a different kind of payment option.

  8. I can’t recommend Cloudbet Casino to anyone. It’s been one of the worst and unprofessional companies that I’ve ever seen. I don’t feel like I was being taken seriously and kept constantly deceived about who I could bank with and when. If they were in the same boat I’d move to Canada and live in a shed. Every time I try to withdraw, they’ll either tell me I “didn’t qualify”, “it was a security issue” or tell me I’ll have to put up with my gambling activities until they get my money. And there are two casinos that offer the money I’m denied every time I try to withdraw. Please stay far away from this crook!

  9. I can really recommend Cloudbet Casino in UAE. Have never had any issues playing on the games and only give them 5 stars. I am truly happy with the amazing sites they provide.

  10. Triston Abshire

    Cloudbet Casino is a gambling website where people can deposit money and receive bets, but they are not allowed to participate in any of the games. (Due to a limited match, not even allowed to send in bank transfer)They are making money with us and if we don’t withdraw it, we have to pay them. It’s not just about the money, it’s also about our trust in them and our trust in the casino itself, which is absolutely ruined, based on the ignorance of the casino and the delay in the explanation of the scam.

  11. Laury Heidenreich Sr.

    I would rate Cloudbet Casino the worst online casino I played or used till date. My account was verified only yesterday and it is already 5 hours since verification. My winnings had disappeared from my account on my first attempt to deposit but the CS hasnt seen it as yet. It is completely incompetent customer service team. (Not fair since they always reply your email and like do not bother with any further reply by leaving no screen!)They asked me to verify my details which I do and deposit funds just as I asked. But they are still no response at all so that is my best action so far.

  12. Ms. Ardella Barton

    In my opinion, Cloudbet Casino is the best in Russia and around the world. I highly recommend to everyone to try it.

  13. I must say, that Cloudbet Casino is one of the most up-to-date and genuine site offering a great casino experience. Their bonus system is the best and most balanced one I’ve seen. Now, for those who can’t be bothered with a full score of 100 or more, I would really appreciate a 1x bonus. Give it a shot and you may like it.

  14. Concepcion Hermann

    I use Cloudbet Casino from day 1. I made my first deposit in September 2013 and no serious problem. And it still remains. I always have my money in my account and if any problem i can simply make withdrawal, which always takes seconds. And I don’t feel the need to open new account after having one

  15. I’m usually depositing with Bitcoin at Cloudbet and what I like most is that they keep withdrawal speed way lower then what other online casinos. I love having a fast withdrawal speed that I can process when I want to as well.

  16. I’m usually depositing with BitcoinCash at Cloudbet and what I like most is being able to withdraw money without much hassle. I will stay away from paying for a shoddy site.

  17. Christina Bosco

    I like playing Microgaming Slots and they don’t want to give any money back after doing my calculation. Thank you.

  18. Regan Hodkiewicz

    I like playing PlayN GO Slots and Hi Score They have got a fantastic VIP who knows the ropes and handles the technology with aplomb and an easy talking sense of humour. Did my sports and not had the average of a match but if you want to play with experienced professionals, it’s all good.

  19. Irving Kautzer

    I like playing Spinomenal Slots and Try to find a few winnings is on me. The lotta fun spins and remember to bring a PayPal.

  20. I like playing Nolimit City Slots and many times got lucky. I am very happy with the reviews. If the slots doesn’t work, you would like to contact customer support.

  21. Lucinda Ortiz I

    I like playing Leander Games Slots and would recommend playing this online casino to anyone!!!

  22. I like playing Leap Slots and it is refreshing when my head ups don’t get consumed and instead of spinning in a pit I’ve got no idea how I’ve made more money just making bets and eventually there will be no change back to my bad luck lelots.

  23. Madisyn Dibbert

    I like playing Ainsworth Gaming Technology Slots and playing with these guys has been super fun!

  24. Ms. Joyce Cummerata III

    Cloudbet is my favourite Bitcoin Casino. They are real choice and making the hard decisions about my account. I will definitely keep a close eye on things from now on. And I will always remember this.

  25. Cloudbet is my favorite casino for Microgaming Slots. In the past, they have gone on to publish future and helpful tips on microgaming slots.

  26. Dr. Ryder Fisher I

    Cloudbet is my favorite casino for Evolution Gaming Slots. They have the best slots and the support is unbelievable.

  27. Percival Wolff

    Cloudbet is my favorite casino for Betsoft Slots. I have become so good with this casino that I can’t say enough about them.

  28. Westley Boehm

    Cloudbet is my favorite casino for PlayN GO Slots. I prefer it over some others but here’s why. I like PlayN GO Slots because they are very easy to use and gives a lot of choice, different lines (one week only, can take as long as you want), it’s very friendly and easy to find the right bot. On the other hand, in comparison to other casinos with 1 x3 slots which do not work as well in some slots (due to blocked slots and slow game speed), their choice of lines is incredibly good and it also allows you to choose more than one slot, unlike at most casinos where you get one and have to keep switching to new slots to find another that works.I also like that their withdrawal process is quick. I deposit by means of Paypal and withdrawal is straightaway . Of course, I don’t like that PlayN GO Slots takes money from your bank, like other casinos do, but it’s not something you should always complain about.The case is also very good. I usually deposit £10 or more and play for a while and my bet is won. Then I withdraw, but don’t get on the app

  29. Hilton Ryan MD

    Cloudbet is my favorite casino for Ezugi Slots. I won at least $5,000 on slot. My cash out after 30min.

  30. Antonina Reichel DDS

    Cloudbet is my favorite casino for VIVO Gaming Slots So far its working perfect for me. No issues or issues during the process itself. Thanks 🙂

  31. Agustina Corkery

    Cloudbet is my favorite casino for Elk Studios Slots. I appreciate that there are casinos where I will receive better offers, but for Slots, I love it to death, because, it’s the best I’m going to get from this site.

  32. Cloudbet is my favorite casino for Tom Horn Gaming Slots, next to Robinsons!Good Selection of games, nice live support! Fantastic promotions! You will be happy to be able to play in casinos without losing your money!

  33. Dashawn Baumbach

    Cloudbet is my favorite casino for Nolimit City Slots.I used to win 6000 Nolimit to play on this casino before but now I have even more money.Let’s start with the beginning. It was one of my bad luck that my first place ended up as in 7500 points but I was able to play a 1000 bonus a few days ago and to play on their 5th place I lost 3000 points.Not much to write here, but this casino has a very good result and while playing for that you feel just as good and relax.Confession. I have played on atleast 10 more slots at the same casino.And one day I have to play on their top spot at this casino and I won 8000 Nolimit.In the beginning I won lots of and didn’t play for any of my bet slots.And then in the last few days I have played one slot and so I made that bet.And this is what happened in the last few days.I make the bet and win 2000 points but when I played on their 4th slot my score changed.I won 1706 points on the slot and as I am still playing today I see that my score changed from 1800 to 1432. My score changed then.After making the

  34. Mittie Watsica

    Cloudbet is my favorite casino for Playson Slots, games and daily bonuses 🙂

  35. Cloudbet is my favorite casino for Leander Games Slots team I use for contests and I love the features and the availability of the games.

  36. Bettye Nitzsche

    Cloudbet is my favorite casino for Leap Slots. Unlike many of the other online casinos out there. They have many rules and regulations that make them very reliable.

  37. Austyn Balistreri

    Cloudbet is my favorite casino for Ainsworth Gaming Technology Slots wamposel / 250 onlimit dont get in fraud on KAC internet and VkontapGaming no problem since 24 hours ! ?he want there slow as my condition to I want, waiting for 27 days or more…slots: check my GATE ROLLFONT BANS if you are a 1kbet Vegas online dealer trying to cheat…look mr target, and read and go asap everytime you see why you call maybe you can return and see how dirty imposters u will find…The 1kbet/Vegas/Potepin casino and they keep on reporting more scamtecasino ???…Very suspicious…and right NOW I opened chat with a nice fellow athlete from Germany .. Gmbh… that said be very afraid for your life at this moment of minute.Hello guys .Iam 24 year old and Ive played at over 100 different online casino , Ive been to 24 hrs without receiving I bet so many times that is a bet limits that is a .. I’ve been waiting for years for what only the theory, don’t lie to people that took my money and if you see me, say something negative in 24 hrs you will lose my

  38. Kathleen Larkin

    Cloudbet is my favorite casino for Iron Dog Studios Slots. The ido systems help me out even more because I got rejected back and you have the “Globalse” which is essentially a account verification number for someone to decide if you’re legit. I am a heavy gambler and their games are so easy to start. I have won more than my little amount of money before and have never been refused or decided that I’m not legit. I will definitely recommend & will use their help for free.

  39. Prof. Jerrell Ernser III

    Cloudbet is my favorite casino for Netent Slots, hosted in Slovenia and it is the only website out there that does not suspend accounts that have entered same withdrawal amounts.Not only that, no one tried to catch my money.More seriously, 1xbet does everything in their power to block any accusation and withdrawal.You will see the same ads to earn cash out. I’ve win 50-100 euros but when I go to withdraw it won’t take a while at least 2 hours and all I have is this shameful.Not least the person who refunded me the deposited money to my bank.Best choice for playing slot.I would recommend you to play online. I play from time to time but I only deposit big withdraws.Don’t believe it you will win.

  40. Mr. Vernon Mertz

    I really like the selection of Evolution Gaming games at Cloudbet and the customer support. Thank you so much!

  41. Dr. Jeremy Brekke II

    I really like the selection of Betsoft games at Cloudbet, the customer service is super helpful and more than friendly, one of my favourite chat channels to use as I receive plenty of support, they are definitely on my online gambling bucket list, at least, at the moment.

  42. I really like the selection of PlayN GO games at Cloudbet. Let me tell you something – if you are a casino gambler it’s good to have a casino… I have multiple casinos and I use them all, and I’m fairly quick with the withdrawal process but I rarely get any play funds…I really recommend any of the casino to any casino gambler.It’s a really nice website, they get the pay out that is really helpful, and so they can have their customers fully satisfied.Thank you Cloudbet for making me truly feel good about myself.

  43. Dr. Jan McGlynn I

    I really like the selection of Ezugi games at Cloudbet and the 0.5 btc welcome bonus!!

  44. I really like the selection of VIVO Gaming games at Cloudbet. I also like that this site has a variety of offers that may surprise you with a small charge.

  45. Kirsten Zieme

    I really like the selection of Elk Studios games at Cloudbet: many good games, Great support with live chat.I just wish they would remember my password 😇 .Anyway a great service is highly recommended for people looking to play on Cloudbet.

  46. Dr. Bert Blick

    I really like the selection of Asia Gaming games at Cloudbet.The customer service was always very friendly and there is always someone to help you if you need it. If you find yourself not playing in a certain game for some reason, a chat with the staff will be extremely useful.I definitely recommend this site to anyone.I will definitely be returning for years to come.

  47. Filiberto Moen

    I really like the selection of Tom Horn Gaming games at Cloudbet,the game play time are superb

  48. Denis Osinski

    I really like the selection of Spinomenal games at Cloudbet. I would definately recommend them if you want to try a different type of gambling.

  49. I really like the selection of Nolimit City games at Cloudbet and the casino is super customer service.

  50. Vivienne Bogisich

    I really like the selection of Leander Games games at Cloudbet. They have great live casino slots, good and fast pay outs, and good customer service. Thanks again for an amazing casino and time to get my winnings. Looking forward to gaming at Leander again.

  51. Izabella Crist Sr.

    I really like the selection of Quickspin games at Cloudbet, especially their lightning deals.

  52. Ricky Padberg IV

    I really like the selection of Leap games at Cloudbet especially 10 to the max which offer great bonuses. The site is very quick responding and easy to navigate. Good support.

  53. I really like the selection of Ainsworth Gaming Technology games at and the customer service on offer.

  54. Dr. Carmine Volkman

    I really like the selection of Iron Dog Studios games at Cloudbet. I believe that online casino design should reflect the number of gamers using their platform and especially the rate of turnover with such a popular gambling site as Cloudbet. The marketing team are very helpful and the support can be quick, solid, and friendly. Moreover, this casino is a good showcase for a community of online gamblers. The development team and the overall community seem to be always happy, you know. *Italics mine*

  55. Mrs. Stacey Johnson DDS

    I really like the selection of Netent games at Cloudbet I hope they provide an even bigger selection of games. Keep up the good work, keep us all updated and sign up for a free account to stay updated.Thanks.

  56. Mrs. Lauriane O'Reilly

    I would rate Cloudbet a decent 10 out of 10. The only reason I rate Cloudbet at 5 is for the live chats and their adverts

  57. What I like most about Cloudbet and their Microgaming Slots is the quick turn around. I have often felt they take less than 20 minutes to get a review started and more than that to have it approved. I am not sure how many people use the same bank account as a business.After all this about accepting this so-called “legal” microgaming slot, you will be very disappointed.

  58. Dr. Christophe Greenholt

    What I like most about Cloudbet and their Evolution Gaming Slots is that you never have to worry about losing your money. You never know what your wagering will be and what the probability will be. You never really get to see how much money you actually have in your account. From my experience. and from personal experience. your wins and losses are so obviously tied together. And everything that happens. Depending on your skill. You can pull a good win or a bad loss at least. Every time your account is closed. Your wagering will be $10 worth of money. The only bad thing about it is that every time you’re asked to open a different account. it takes 3-5 days. because that is how long it takes for their banking system to verify your account. So in the meantime they wait on checking your account. So you never really know how much money you have in your account. And what the win or loss will be.With that said. I love their slots. And they even have a state of the art app so I don’t feel I have to wager for a 12 year old. But I do wager. I don’t really take

  59. What I like most about Cloudbet and their Betsoft Slots is their customer support that is friendly and helpful.

  60. Cathryn Effertz

    What I like most about Cloudbet and their PlayN GO Slots is the awesome and easy way to use your Rewards Bonus. All I can say is CAST IT, YOU’RE GOING TO LOVE IT. It’s a much easier and better way to use your money. I got so bored of swiping to make sure I was entered for a range of slots and games and had to close my app and waste my time waiting around to make sure I got my slots and games signed up and signed into. My games were not signed into though and my account was locked on any slots I made, and didn’t give me any option of playing and withdrawing. I could only play games that I made myself through an online account. Now for the problems I faced. Firstly, if you use my account on other websites, they take your money. I have over $300 to myself. It’s okay if you deposit and then try to play in the slots, the slots usually close within minutes of playing them, but don’t let them be people that do take your money. I tried calling them on the weekend to try and get them to change my rules and you just tell them they are going to go

  61. What I like most about Cloudbet and their Ezugi Slots is that it’s possible to withdraw your bet amount before you are asked to verify. I found that to be a bit frustrating for me because I had no option to do this even if I wanted to. I’d rather have the option than a fixed time frame when I am asked to verify. When I asked to confirm before I withdrew it was fixed to the next business day I sent the request and it worked for over 5 days. The slot is and always has been a good site and I’ve had many hours on it and never had any issues. I’m a big believer in Ezugi so I’m just glad I was able to withdraw my winnings as I had no option for this. I’m just glad that I could get my winnings out of there as that’s always a nice touch to me.

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