Provably Fair Crypto and Bitcoin Slot Machines

Nowadays, you can play a wide range of amazing video slots in online casinos. Unlike the old slot machines we see in ground Casinos, the online slot machine has a lot to offer. When talking about slot, it is incomplete without talking about Bitcoin Slot machines. There are a whole lot of things to learn from the crypto slot. This is because the slot is way different from the normal slots.

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Understanding Crypto slots

There are several terms used in crypto slots especially in Bitcoin slot and several other slot games.


They have multipliers applied to them on spins. This allows the player to hit big wins on specific spins.

Multiple payline

Bitcoin slots allow multiple payline. It starts at 5 paylines and can get to 50 and above, this creates opportunity for people to score great wins

Free and Paid Bitcoin Slots

This is very important and interesting, because it is a great feature. It allows people to play for free so as to understand the game before they put money into the game. It is important to know that there is no deposit bonus in a slot game. You can actually get free plays but you might not get a bonus.

Terminologies used in Crypto Slots

Cryptocurrency slots are not hard to understand, but there are some technical terms you need to learn. There are some things you should know before you start to play. You are first to learn the terminologies involved

  • Coin Size

This is used to show the amount of a bet

  • HIT

To show if you win on any crypto slot machine

  • MAX

This is the highest limit or amount you can put on a spin

  • Pay-Line

This tells where the symbols ought to line up to win in a machine

  • Pay Table

It is a chart that tells how much you can win from a combination on a Cryptocurrency Slot Machine

  • Reel

These are wheels that spin on your slot machine. They either contain symbols, numbers, or images.

  • The Wild

This is something on your machine that can be used in place of a symbol or image

  • Scatter

This allows player to get free spins. Whenever he gets 3 or more scatters after a spin, he gets a chance earn a free spin.

List of Crypto Slot games

As mentioned, the number of cryptocurrency slots is on the rise. There are hundreds you can play right now. Some of the biggest hits include:

  • Billyonaire
  • Fafa Twins
  • Greedy Goblins
  • Mad Scientist
  • Platinum Lighting
  • 7 monkeys
  • 7th Heaven
  • 7 Piggies
  • A night in Paris
  • Alice Adventure
  • Arabian Nights
  • Arrival
  • At the Copa

The Slot Machines For Beginners

When going into any casino be it an Crypto casino or a ground casino, it is important to know that as a beginner you have a greater chance of winning with a slot game than with other games especially table games. It is important that you always seek out for the slot machines and play the free versions many times before putting money into it. Although the Slot can be simple, it is technical and can be confusing. It is also important that Slot machines and games are different from each other so you might have issues if you intend using the knowledge of a particular slot machine or game for another.

For beginners it is nice to know that most bet casinos have their own free games. They give you a chance to play virtual games without paying, so that you can understand the games you want to play before paying for it. This is the same with crypto slot games, you will most times have a chance to play the free version. However you cannot win any money since it’s free. Playing for free is vital if you want to learn more about the slot and how to win when you play for cash. It is important to note that free games are dependent on the casino in question and the same goes for bonuses. While some bitcoin Casinos have a no deposit bonus policy others do not.

What you should have in mind about Crypto Slots

What are slot Machines?

Slot machines, by the name of a one-armed bandit, known as a fruit machine in Great Britain, gaming instruments worked by tossing one or two coins or tokens into a slot and pulling a handle or clicking a lever to trigger one or three or more horizontal segmented reels with various symbols.

(This is different from the nine-slot mahjongg game, also known as an “eight-row type” or “ten-slot type”, in which the symbols are inserted into the reels with no fixed sequence.)

In the early 1900s, these machines started emerging in London nightclubs.

“Pachinko” means “small ball” in Japanese.

The Japanese word is sometimes used interchangeably, as is the English term.

Many machines exist in English-speaking countries that are very different from the pachinko we are familiar with in Japan.

One is known as a penny ante room.

This were dubbed One-Armed Bandit Machines in the 1920s and 1930s.

Because they were used to play small parlour games, these games had many fewer rules than pachinko and could be played with small denominations.

Pachinko is a Japanese word, , which literally translates as “small ball”.

Another word for pachinko is , from , “small ball”, meaning “poker-ball” (for example, “poker-ball pachinko”, and the Chinese translation , “pai-chun-huo”).

These games are similar to ten-pin bowling and are most common in southern Japan, including Kanagawa, Saitama, and Tokyo.

Pachinko is a widely available and inexpensive game for juniors, though there are also versions for adults, such as pachinko-kaiba, pachinko parlour, or “skittle” in Britain.

In Japan, pachinko parlour is commonly known as , “eight-row type pachinko”.

In the early 1900s these were dubbed one-armed bandit machines.

How does a slot machine work?

Slot machines work the same way. Slots normally have three reels, but they often have five reels as well. The reel is the image that spins in the front of the machine. It has several symbols on it and you earn money if you line up those combinations of symbols.

There are two ways to win. The “jackpot” is usually won when you have all the symbols lined up. You take all the money the machine sends you in that situation. The “bonus” method is won when you have enough money to cover the one or two symbols that are not in the line. Then, you won the jackpot by matching the two symbols.

  1. Less gambling per person can mean lower tax revenues

One reason so many states have casinos is that they can bring in a lot of revenue. Unfortunately, those revenues are often less than what we might expect.

For one, states often charge for the right to open a casino and operate it. The reason for that is that you have to set aside the money to cover the salaries of the people who work in the casino. If you don’t, you could be accused of not properly funding education and so on.

Another explanation is that in part because people are often encouraged to gamble and risk all their money, casinos often go bankrupt. For lottery tickets, this is indeed valid, and that is something that can be avoided.

Casinos and lotteries also give out much more cash than they collect, considering these concerns. New Jersey, for example, allegedly lost $230 million in 2013 at its casinos in Atlantic City. The state collected $282 million from them that same year. The New Jersey Lottery, raising $200 million, has earned the funds it wanted to pay out.

The problem is that this money is much less than what you would imagine, however high. Suppose, for example, that a state charges a flat amount of casino profits. You would also equate the gain to the loss and conclude that that year you made a net of $70 million. It sounds like a lot, but it’s incredibly doubtful as well.

The net loss would be less than $30 million if you lose any revenue and the state retains the balance. You can just about guarantee a net loss if you lose all your money, in which case you are better off just taking out your wallet and walking away.

What are the best slot machines to play?

The final question is a little trickier, since there are a variety of different slot types out there. If you’re playing a traditional style slot machine, the categories will be pretty similar to the ones listed in my previous article. You can also choose from games such as blackjack, poker, roulette, or slots, instead of just sports. And if you’re going to be playing a casino slot machine, you want to pick one that has a wide variety of games and casino amenities. Some slot machines also have an extensive variety of games, such as blackjack, craps, roulette, or even poker.

If you want to know more about slot machines, you can find plenty of information at List of best slot machines by state, and a lot more about the different categories of slot machines.

You first need to know how much you want to risk in order to answer the issue. Obviously, you don’t want to lose all of your money. The trick is to find out how many without being tempted to gamble for a small amount of cash you want to lose. There are also options to reduce the losses. For example, if you really want to lose everything you have and not risk having anything left at the end, you can always use “double down”.

“Double down” is a feature on slot machines that allows players to play multiple rolls on the same spin. This is a pretty popular feature, because the bet and the payout are determined based on how many times the player has hit the ball. They win double the sum of money if the player strikes the ball on the third bounce. They win double the sum of cash if they hit the ball on the second bounce. If they hit the ball on the first roll, they only win one time.

Will it be a good decision if anyone were to invest in Bitcoin or some sort of cryptocurrency today?

In short, it will, totally, be a good decision. Do your homework and then expend the money you’d be able to risk. The invention of blockchain has given birth to a crazy and uncontrolled modern financial sector for investors. There are incredible possibilities there but in order to comfortably ride out the incredible uncertainty that cryptocurrencies face every day, you need to carefully study the underlying technology. It is understood that values rise by more than 100 percent a day and decrease by 95 percent + in the same time period. Cryptocurrencies are both unregulated and extremely volatile. Investing in crypto-assets carries a big risk, much like everything else in life, and it’s wise to take precautions to reduce the exposure and the risk of failure.

Fundamentally Strong Crypto Portfolios Will Regulate The Market

Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash are not a decent place to start if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies that are essentially strong and have a limited probability of significant regular declines. The smaller the coin, the more likely it is that it would decrease in value due to a single case. The bigger the coin, the less likely it is that it will experience significant declines in value.

Is anyone willing to launch a blockchain?

Yes, in principle anyone with some computing knowledge can do it, but the start is the easy part. The popularity and usefulness of the blockchain derives from its scale and the developer of the current blockchain wants to be able to rapidly expand it by adding as many blocks to the chain as necessary to make it attractive to consumers. The scaling of the blockchain is referred to as bootstrapping which is mostly performed during the early stages of the development of a cryptocurrency in the so-called initial coin offerings.

The consequences of early investment are linked to such features as its capacity, liquidity, cryptocurrency exchangeability and price stability. In theory, the developers of the project often create their own coin, which is often used as an exchange mechanism and can be used to pay computing power costs for the production of blocks and the use of public data.

Following a project’s completion, a cryptocurrency is born and all of these features disappear. Of course, the cryptocurrency itself does not disappear but its usage does, and if the project fails the money invested by the initial investors is lost.

Anyone can start blockchain, while only a few thousand have and mastered the skills to keep it safe. In other words, the planet has less than 10 individuals that can keep the blockchain safe. All those “Internet of Things” devices are prone to hacks, and the risks are high. It is because of these issues that only a few hundred million users are limited to the digital currency.

It is possible to translate Bitcoin into several other cryptocurrencies. The most famous ones are monero and the bitcoin. A lot of people think Bitcoin is going to lose its value because it was created when no one thought about it, but most people prefer it as a medium of exchange because it is efficient.

Last update: 30. july, 2022