Bitstarz Crypto and Bitcoin Gambling

This is a huge Crypto casino that has helped in the use of Bitcoin along with sites. It is a website that focuses on giving out beautiful and great games for people around the world to play. Their casino is one of the leading casinos because it accepts bitcoins as a means of payment. Bitstarz is also popular because of its amazing features and games. Its table games are amazing and the best. They offer perfect bonuses that you can’t find in most casinos. One interesting thing about them is how often they give their free play. A lot of people have benefited from them and have tagged them as the best Bitcoin casino.

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Provably fair technology being used

There are several great technological games that in Bitstarz and they have them because of the wish to give their customers the best. They ensure that their games are gotten from the best game developers in the world. They also make sure they have a friendly website. They ensure they have different language options so that several people from all parts of the world can fully understand the casino.

Game offering for Table Games

The importance of table games in a casino cannot be underestimated. I would say that the table game is the strength of a casino. There are several Table games that Bitstarz offers and they are dice games and Craps32, Blackjack games, 8 live blackjack tables, 16 Roulette games, 5 live table poker games, 6 Baccarat games, 44 Video poker games, Keno games, 12 Live baccarat table, 12 Live roulette tables, and several others.

Available slot machines

Microgaming, Playtech, PlayN Go, Yggdrasil, Betsoft, Big Time Gaming, Pragmatic plays, Blueprint, Thunderkick, Quickspin.

  • Microgaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Betsoft
  • PlayN GO
  • Spinomenal
  • Nolimit City
  • Playson
  • Quickspin
  • Netent
  • Authentic Gaming
  • Endorphina
  • iSoftBet
  • PragmaticPlay
  • Yggdrasil
  • Amatic Industries
  • Bgaming
  • Playtech
  • Big Time Gaming
  • Blueprint Gaming
  • Thunderkick
  • Booming Games
  • Kalamba Games
  • Push Gaming
  • Wazdan
  • Hacksaw Gaming
  • Relax Gaming

Cryptocurrencies you can deposit with

There are several forms of payment methods that are very easy to use. Although they do not collect the usual money mobile transferee, their transaction method is also good, safe and modern. bitStarzs SSL encryption ensures that your transactions and private data are kept under wraps.

  • Bitcoin
  • BitcoinCash
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

Customer Support

It has a good response rate. Customers can reach them through the mail. They also have an app to enable you to have access to the website at all times. They reply to all mail messages within a short period, because they know how time-sensitive their work is. They reply to people at all times 24 hours every day.

Allowed countries

The United States and the United Kingdom are not allowed to bet. There are several reasons for this, however, there are other countries that are allowed to. Some of those countries include Russia, France, Nigeria, and several other countries are eligible to.

When talking about an bitcoin casino, one must have it in mind that it is a place to make money, to learn, and meet people. The best site one can find these three and at great convenience and trust is on They give people a reason to want to be back. A certified and trustworthy Bitcoin casino, bitStarz is an absolute champ in a pretty crowded industry.

  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Brazil

What site languages does Bitstarz offer?

  • English
  • French
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Swedish
  • Chinese
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian

Does Bitstarz support live dealer casino games?

  • Yes
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FAQ about Bitstarz Casino

What does Bitstarz bring game developers?

Microgaming, Playtech, PlayN Go, Yggdrasil, Betsoft, Big Time Gaming, Blueprint, Thunderkick, Quickspin Gaming, PragmaticPlay,

What are the supported cryptocurrencies at Bitstarz?

They accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoincash, Litecoin.

What are the big nations that are not permitted to play?

It does not authorize persons from both the United States and the United Kingdom. However it offers an incentive for individuals from Bosnia, Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Mauritius, Albania, Slovenia, Kosovo and Serbia to obtain a promotional bid, but they are not eligible for it.

Does Bitstarz have live dealer casino games?

Yeah, some of their table games and slot games do.

FAQ about Crypto Casinos in General

What Casino Game Has the Most Chance of Winning?

Many people believe that blackjack is the only hope at making a bet at a casino. The probability of winning a hand in blackjack, though, is only 42.42%. The rest of the time, you’ll tie or lose. Sure, the edge of the house in blackjack is smaller than many other sports. But that’s not because you’re going to win so often. It’s because part of the time when you win you’ll get a 3 to 2 payoff.

In the other hand, in roulette, an even-money bet has a 47.37 percent chance. That’s significantly higher, but you’ll only ever win even money on that bet. If you can find a roulette game with a single zero instead of 2 zeros, the probability is even better—48.65%. Yet in roulette, the edge of the house is even higher than in blackjack.

However the chance of winning a pass line bet is much higher in craps. It’s 49.29%, which is as close to 50% as you’re likely to see in any casino game. The house edge on this bet is higher than in blackjack, but it’s significantly lower than the house edge in roulette.

Most other games don’t even come close to these numbers. You might think baccarat does, but the probability of a banker bet winning a hand in baccarat is only 45.86%. Ties are more common in baccarat than you might think. A player might have a three against three, which would probably be a decent hand. But in a game where a player has a 4, 6, or 9 (or two pairs and an ace) card, he may have a two-for-three hand, which will still be a good one. So an aggressive player could try to get the two against three if he thinks the game will end in a tie. But when the game doesn’t end in a tie, the player will get a bunch of one against one, two against two, three against three and even four against four hands, and his bet will lose money.

When people complain that casinos payout casinos, they mean that each player won 100 times out of 200. So on each bet, the net win is 100 percent . A bet of $5 at a casino gets paid out $10. But that doesn’t mean that you made $10 from every $5 bet. For each $5 bet, the casino costs $5. But the casino is going to stop at $20. The player’s net is $20. The problem with this explanation is that the casino makes the same $20. In reality, they only make $20 when the player wins. From every $5 bet, they make $20. So the casino’s net is the same as the player’s net, but the casino only makes $20 when the player wins.

What about the gamers who didn’t have a machine they felt comfortable playing, but who perhaps still engaged in some gaming by playing at the arcade or the pool, or by playing on their PC? When you read about those who played in order to get to know to game, and some of the stories that came out of these early days of gaming – or those from the present day – you find out that although they didn’t have a game they wanted to play, they still played in the way that games are intended.

Why do you use a credit card to purchase cryptocurrency?

If you are buying from Coinbase with a credit card, you must provide specific information from your bank to activate the credit card, so expect some bureaucracy at first. For all credit card transactions, Coinbase charges a 2 percent fee.

Tokenized Investment Funds

To have an investment fund that’s based on cryptocurrency is a great way to diversify and diversify funds can be hard to do in real life. But with blockchain-based investment funds, you will be able to own, say, 10% of a cryptocurrency or a stock that’s based on Bitcoin or Ethereum.

If you want to know more about cryptocurrencies and tokenized investment funds, you can refer to this guide here.

CoinCircle is an ICO platform that will enable investors to fund their projects by buying ICO coins. You’ll get Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin Cash in exchange for investing in their fund.

This helps you to diversify your portfolio with a distinct cryptocurrency focused on the same blockchain technologies as the tokens in which you hold. You can have your Ethereum tokens turn into Bitcoin or vice versa. This means that rather than simply investing your assets in a pool of multiple cryptocurrencies, you can turn your tokens into a particular cryptocurrency as well. If you buy the right amount of tokens you could actually create your own coin.

All these various aspects of cryptocurrency are what makes this a very exciting and promising market to be in. They will remain on the market and rise in value even though cryptocurrencies go down in price.

Where is a blockchain stored?

At the peer-to-peer stage, the blockchain is held electronically on your laptop, like your typical electronic wallet (or using a server). This is known as the blockchain network. The blockchain allows you to give someone a signed token that allows them to buy or sell assets or services on your platform. Transactions on the blockchain do not require an intermediary. Why is the blockchain important? The application of Blockchain is still in its infancy and it is still too early to see what its maximum effect would be. But it already has the potential to disrupt the legal industry, business, and finance. In the trading of assets and transactions, Blockchain promises greater transparency and stability. If used properly, it could reduce costs, speed up transactions, and give power back to the individual. Blockchain technology creates a shared database that can’t be edited or changed once put into place. It is permanent once in place. Blockchain technology is transparent and virtually unbreakable.

Any attempt to hack the system results in the invalidation of the ledger, causing it to fall apart. Is blockchain safe? Although the financial services industry will benefit from blockchain technology, it is still in its infancy. There is a possibility that the technology might be exploited by hackers to build false accounts. Also, there is a chance that smart contracts could be hacked, and that distributed applications (such as bitcoin) could become more vulnerable to manipulation. But there are no known examples of this happening so far.

Is encryption based on blockchains?

Yes. For years cryptography experts have worked on the technology to create a way of protecting transactions from being tampered with. How much is blockchain worth? Estimates differ, but Morgan Stanley analysts reported in 2017 that the overall market size of circulated ledgers was more than $200 billion. According to Morgan Stanley, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin constitute about 90 percent of this sector.

Last update: 13. july, 2024

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  1. Dr. Caesar Kulas V

    Bitstarz Casino is one of the highest performing online casinos that offers very attractive and enjoyable games that offer high rewards. It is one of the most popular websites for those that want to place a bet on the web.

  2. Mrs. Jessika Rolfson DDS

    I don’t know why but i can’t use it. I made a deposit with them on Wednesday, on Thursday i went to use it to gamble and it wouldn’t work. That’s when i wrote the review, i made a big mistake. I won’t be using them again. There’s no update on what happened to their website, which i think is stupid because i am their number one customer and i have been waiting for a new version of it but the site is still down.

  3. I really like Bitstarz Casino because they offer free play with real money and to withdraw funds you only need to deposit or withdraw very small amounts. They have no cash limits so you can gamble large sums. I have just started playing there and already have my first win. They have different games on offer, so I will be reviewing some of them soon. I also played at Europa online Casino, where you can play in the bonus rounds for real money. I found it very difficult to play there because of their language restrictions, so I hope to try again with a French or German dictionary.

  4. Cordia Thompson

    Bitstarz Casino is one of the most secured games. But that does not mean it is not popular. If you go through the reviews, you will find that this casino game is appreciated by many. If you are a gamer, you will surely enjoy Bitstarz. There are many great players who like to play in Bitstarz.

  5. What I like about Bitstarz Casino is they are easy to use, especially in Asian countries.Thanks to you a lot

  6. What I like about Bitstarz Casino is that I can gamble straight away. And don’t need to sign up for anything. Still in an instant. I haven’t felt a pay out charge once.So far winnings are around 2k so not an over all bad experience. They have started to shut down some slots with variable odds and time slots after winning a few but these slots you have to call in advance. Money is always gone and luck can seem to disappear like that. One time I was really unlucky and won £80 and had a big win when there was only £4 available on a slot to slot with 5+times more slots. All of a sudden $3 came on an above 1 slot with the rest of the slots locked and no restocked. This is not the case with Casino slots in general. Usually there is 1 or 2 slots left in a machine that will randomly match. I found that to be rare when I did find one of those one or 2 slots with a random machine to slot but when it was a real good match with the above 5 slots that cost $120 with the rest of the slots locked there had to be $400+ on the same slot for one of these slots. When this happened the game got locked down which is not the case with the daily spins on some slots and when I won a big win they charged me almost a €100 withdrawal fee. Then I opened the account with no extra money and never had any luck again. Now they have closed all slots that don’t have a random match with other slot machines. And now they have decided to close my account for unknown reasons. So far I have been surprised to find that most slots have also closed like that but with the poor site support.I do think that Casino pays out on good match slots which is where I found my luck (at least they are betting me on this though) and casino isn’t the problem for me at all. For these reasons I say that Bitstarz Casino is a no go casino for anyone that wants to gamble and I won’t be trying it in the future.

  7. Ellen Anderson Jr.

    What I like about Bitstarz Casino is that it is very easy to play slots and I can buy prizes for them. The in-game rating system works quite well.I hope they would do something good with their mobile app.

  8. What I don’t like about Bitstarz Casino is: No Alerts when I lost my 5000 game for example. After losing 10000 I am having to look for my deposit using Entropay and there is nothing in my Entropay and almost no help from Bitstarz from responding to my emails. All these hours to get the withdrawal emails back with no answer and that is how I ended my original bet. Thank you!

  9. I can’t recommend Bitstarz Casino to anyone! I’m not a gambler, but this is not a casino. My deposit limit is over 600Euros and after the first 14 days I have won over 900Euros, but on the 1st day I won almost 350Euros but after 72 hours I have only won 600Euros.So far I’ve only won 52Euros, 5 days. It’s a terrible casino, they’ll block your deposit limit after 72 hours without any reason. Once you lose one point you can’t withdraw! You can lose nothing in this casino and get about 25% of your deposit back. Don’t give them your deposit, for most of them it’s probably worth losing, even if they allow it back. They’re your last resort casino.

  10. I can really recommend Bitstarz Casino. This is the casino of dreams and once you put some money in it you’ll never have to worry about your winnings again. I can’t believe how stable it is and what a company they are. Their support team is amazing. I can only recommend you to this company to anyone who has a very big amount of casino funds.

  11. Bitstarz Casino is experiencing problem with money deposited into my casino account, i asked you guys to verify my balance and you were not able to find it on your website but this still never get sorted?Not sure why it is not there in the first place? Hope someone will get back to me and clear my affairs.Regards

  12. Bettye Ankunding

    Worst casino I’ve seen at least that I’m familiar with. In the face of this positive review I always trust your review system in the online casino industry to give my opinion. At least the games are good! Start taking them seriously and reporting the bads and show some #StealFromWealth! Some answers are coming from those who complained about our offer. We’ve now reached the very highest limits on our high-end accounts and the award has been given at certain levels. Otherwise, you should be sleeping soundly in your beds right now.

  13. I would rate Bitstarz Casino as 3 star(just) worst casino ever. There are alot of positives on Bitstarz… you cant tell one star because they are so hard to win.I play at almost every site (walter online casino, abandon casino, gamesecure, terx casino and some others) for a long time and never had this kind of problem with any site. But with Bitstarz I get it bad. As all of the reviews state, they show close-fob dice plays but not close-fob back on play! They are 2 stakes competitions. I am a regular with all of them and ever time I lost I won with 1.8 up to 3.5 in a row. Over all, I was winning and winning so easily and for long periods of time.. I could do quite nice numbers! I do not recommend this casino at all.

  14. Mrs. Maegan Wiegand Sr.

    Bitstarz Casino is easy to use. I’ve really enjoyed using this online casino so far. Keep up the good work guys!

  15. Dr. Makenzie Marvin

    In my opinion, Bitstarz Casino and Gaming service. I am very happy to have been a part of the original creation. Besides the games, of course, other services are also very useful and it would be very easy to add some more! Regarding reviews here , I’m most concerned about the ones saying the cost for withdrawals is very high. To me, that is not possible if you think about it. Since they took away my coins and then their deposit and withdrawal functionality were disabled and they stopped selling the cards in the local shops. All the amount to my account was automatically returned to me.I did not receive any of the customer service comments here but it would be great if we could have a separate comment for the withdrawal issue instead of giving an existing reply for the withdrawals. I can’t really understand what part is the issue for them. It seems like they will give away the real value of their money. I guess you’ll still need the balance of your money to purchase something in the real world.

  16. Ms. Mozell Lang III

    I really enjoy playing at Bitstarz Casino. The only reason I haven’t given them the full 5 star rating is because the slots are very tight and the overall feel of playing at these casinos is a bit weird, I’ve never been to a casino like this before. I’ve never played at these casinos at a smaller online casino, the best ones are at bigger online casinos that get to see how the slots work (and how they’re rigged) and see what they’re making. I hope you feel like this casino gives a good quality experience. Play games quick and clean. These are my 8 tips that have made me feel like I’ve won a small fortune already!

  17. Bitstarz Casino in my opinion would not only keep you from losing any money but also won me a lot of money for which I am truly grateful. That is very really Nice.

  18. Bitstarz Casino is known for they smart systems and slot games. I played on their platform for almost 1 week and at the end they just asked me to send more documents and I finally got my money in my account.They haven’t paid me a single cent and it’s been 4 days I have sent all documents. But there is a pretty high payment fee since so many casinos use this method.Maybe, wait till I finish the internship in one year. But I hope my form of complaint will make to be more well-known. Skrill is a big bully they want you to deposit everything, their services are amazing and the master systems are by all means awesome. But you do not have the right to do like this and take all money without giving yourself the right to win or pay yourself.

  19. I’m usually depositing with Bitcoin at Bitstarz and what I like most is the withdrawal delay. Sometimes it’s not even 1 minute for withdrawal. I often play btc through direct email to this contact, he seems to understand and apologize.

  20. Branson Gleason

    I’m usually depositing with Dogecoin at Bitstarz and what I like most is Bitstarz is quick with their chat, a nice reward system, a convenient daily bonus that is hard to find a copy of, and actually they have an app so it’s not like you can go through chat, just hit the pay function to withdraw your funds. So as the saying goes people still search for the 1x, you just have to find the right one. Bet on your ego, if you live in the UK or if you are in the US and can receive a bonus and don’t see it on the app, you have a betting error, bet with the uk app, deposit on the app, when you hit the pay button it says “security required to create a request for a verification code”, wait 4 hours and the password is wrong, so do it the proper way and win.

  21. Gideon Schuster MD

    I’m usually depositing with Ethereum at Bitstarz and what I like most is the sort of profit from the product that lets me do other gambling and maybe play with good payouts (as I have to do sometimes) like them at other sites, quite a nice change of scenery for me after living in the UK and then here as one of the few sites where I have enough game income so I can actually leave the country for a while.

  22. Dr. Candido Gorczany Jr.

    I’m usually depositing with BitcoinCash at Bitstarz and what I like most is they don’t place me in the roulette wheel with my funds. The small amount I win is already in my bank account, there are plenty of other sites out there that do this, and when you are in business for years, you will get there is way faster.

  23. I’m usually depositing with Litecoin at Bitstarz and what I like most is the large choice of games and I believe they have a better support system. I do my best to enjoy it and enjoy it in the long run. Overall i am satisfied and i will continue to come back and see my wish list and hope my referrals have patience to mine for a bit longer for it to stay healthy for the long run. So on the 1st of August the 1st I deposited in that great game really with my hopes high but I can’t get to my games and it drops me to 30% and then it sets you back 30%….i think it’s a bit misleading and a bit unfair. I’m not happy with that player fees!!! I would give it 5 star but it does have a Bitstarz icon on the main menu for a reason…reason for seeing is that its something the company wants people to believe so its in there with the things they put up in their ads. Sincerely another person who doesn’t trust on Bitstarz since it’s not on the usual sites.

  24. Prof. Marielle Murazik MD

    I like playing PlayN GO Slots and CI Go, most slots around €3. But when I saw all the reviews on the other sites I thought that it was the best. Other sites that came with 100% bonus such as Betspot, Bet365, BlackJack and big11 site. The slots and sites are all reputable and in fact many of the smaller sites use this for their promotions. But here I think that the customer service, support team and search engine is not just good but more than good, all the time. This is also the best thing in the world. I will always recommend PlayN GO to everyone. It is the best online casino ever

  25. Dr. Gillian Fritsch V

    I like playing Big Time Gaming Slots and this is just me giving away all of my hard earned money.

  26. I like playing PragmaticPlay Slots and I played by Sillplots for many years. I don’t think there is such a large company that is willing to fix a security mistake, especially when your account is closed. Anyway, I’ve read hundreds of reviews on review of this site. At the moment I’m just keeping my money out there until I get full approval.

  27. Mrs. Gwendolyn Leffler Sr.

    I like playing iSoftBet Slots and this is the reason i always like playing on Slots and iSoftBet Placements ! There is so many options and a wide range of slots ! the Slots are beautiful all in all I play slots everytime!! Many bonus’s like a weekly 50 % back on mobile tv and a weekly 1 % back on mobile casino ! Lots of bonuses that can be won and may we spend your money a little bit cheaper you are recommended over other casinos good and good features and options ! I got many favorites ! Lots of cool cards ! Service is excellent and often seen and later thanks to a friend at the Slots office if a Quickslot falls for his offer also as we are always welcomed ! Thank you Slots

  28. I like playing Blueprint Gaming Slots and many thanks guys for my favor its my money I send to the bank ! , would give 5 star rating …

  29. I like playing Netent Slots and you made me feel very welcome to play here. I am sending a contact to them and I was pleasantly surprised with the support of the team. They keep on talking to you and want to know whats the problem you have with the game? They are friendly and reply you fast when you need them. Do read the following with the players on your team, they are very friendly. Their support team are very helpful. Do be sure to verify yourself with your number when you play with a serious gambler or make sure you read the rules with respect to playing on the Netent Slots. This is serious. One player could literally wipe your computer of your money from 2 throws. I love this casino!!

  30. Mr. Dexter Champlin I

    Bitstarz is my favourite Bitcoin Casino, it’s kind of a hassle to find these on the internet and getting around it is so easy, you can put and withdraw money instantlly, compared to other casinos which takes longer. Great games, great bonuses, really great customer service and just makes me really happy here

  31. Leta Jacobi Jr.

    Bitstarz is my favourite BitcoinCash Casino as the games are so fresh and the withdrawal process easy, I have played there 3 times and even had some nice gaming bonuses (I have checked my account back then and it is the biggest casino I ever had played at)

  32. Bitstarz is my favourite Litecoin Casino, i highly recommend people to play at LitecoinCasino, you get many bonus’s and endless fun.

  33. Bridget Cummerata

    Bitstarz is my favorite casino for Playtech Slots. If you are a customer who has been in contact with them as well as watching their videos on the company’s website, you will have experienced different experiences with Playtech Slots. I have never had a worse experience here, unlike any other casino. They even blocked my account to annoy me to the max. Have no regrets about my decision to play with Playtech Slots because of all the positive reviews I read. They are the best casino out there.

  34. Clemmie Corkery

    Bitstarz is my favorite casino for PlayN GO Slots.Bet on different slot related games and most importantly good payouts!

  35. Bitstarz is my favorite casino for Yggdrasil Slots. I love the advanced options they provide. With my big gavinadross at I fully trust them.I honestly can say the casino is well run and offers many fun and good times I win big money. I like not only because it’s one of the best casinos online but also because it offers a ton of other fun online casino’s in their platform like slots and casino mode. One thing to note in this casino is that you have to be at least 15 year old to join, to prove your age before you can join so be aware of that before you sign up.I’ve set up accounts with other online casinos and they have varying gaming activities from slots to roulette or playing poker or casino mode on the site is every 3-5 years.The website itself is easy to navigate through. You can log in easily and your username and password are in English as well. The site is not only free to play but it is also offered premium casino’s as well like slots, casino mode, Live Stake/Raketor and casino side games. I would

  36. Arianna Altenwerth

    Bitstarz is my favorite casino for Bgaming Slots. The customer service is excellent as well. Over all a great place to play.Read my review here: review

  37. Prof. Spencer Dickinson III

    Bitstarz is my favorite casino for Betsoft Slots. I would probably give them 5 stars even if they did not want to. I only had some issues in the last two days. I was unable to withdraw the funds however, as I have already asked twice. The money was taken on the 13th for KYC. I’ve had an email to reply to on the 13th and after I have been forwarded to the Support team that I have been able to log on and it has been deleted. The 14th I’ve received another email that they have decided they are not sure if I won or lost. I will have to write back to the support email to see if there will be any explanation for the deletion. Its a shame I can’t get this sorted, as it has been a wonderful experience.

  38. Prof. Wendell Wehner

    Bitstarz is my favorite casino for Big Time Gaming Slots. Great slots and cash wins and I got so much. Didn’t think it was possible to win my whole £1300 but I did. I would recommend this site if you like big time gaming.

  39. Filomena Lockman

    Bitstarz is my favorite casino for iSoftBet Slots and withdrawal can be seen within 2 hours.

  40. Prof. Hester Denesik

    Bitstarz is my favorite casino for Blueprint Gaming Slots. I like all slots games. I like to play slots on here.

  41. Prof. Kaela Hills

    Bitstarz is my favorite casino for Thunderkick Slots I’ve had a lot of fun and different gaming experiences from 1xbet, my favorite casino with lots of great events and variety I believe 1xbet is a great online casino that is always up to date with its games, I want to recommend this casino a lot, but I have to give you credit for your customer care in advance, they were almost to my 30th that was able to help me solved issues (after providing logs I deposited), you might like to make sure you read a couple of email from me like this, I really appreciate it your services and thank you a lot.
    I really like the site, there are many other online casinos out there but for me they are still the best around, and I use the slots and money management that 1xbet offers.

  42. Bitstarz is my favorite casino for Quickspin Slots, I love every single thing about my favorite online casino with fake sports gambling with my favorite platform: Bitstarz. My live chat is always quick and professionally informative and my support team is always friendly. My favorite favorite casino from @Bitstarz is @Bitstarz.

  43. Travis Erdman

    I really like the selection of Playtech games at Bitstarz, they really make these games that are the best and fun out of all the other casino sites.

  44. I really like the selection of Bgaming games at Bitstarz i have had some really good spins here and i would definitely suggest it to anyone who loves to play Casino’s.

  45. Freddy Kohler

    I really like the selection of PragmaticPlay games at Bitstarz, it’s basically like a bank. The website is more extensive than the other casinos as well, it also has added perks. This is my recommendation, there are so many options, please try out all of them, they are all so different!Best kept in mind but use promo codes instead!PragmaticPlay has one of the best deals on international slots, could the one of the best in Europe.And so much more…Dont hesitate to stop by and check out!

  46. Renee Heathcote

    I really like the selection of iSoftBet games at Bitstarz. It can be tricky to keep track of the different games if you don’t have the £5 spins like everyone else does, but for me it’s really helpful to just have that as a reference.
    I would love to give them a star but I have nothing positive to say except that I really liked their app and what they could do to make it better for less people. It could use some really good support and if there was a more easy way to find slots then that would be nice to have too.

  47. Charlie McClure

    I really like the selection of Blueprint Gaming games at Bitstarz. The user interface is very user friendly and it plays with pretty decent speed. In regards to the site, Bitstarz is the real deal and I find the overall experience to be very friendly and friendly.

  48. Rachelle Kreiger

    I really like the selection of Quickspin games at Bitstarz. In addition to the wonderful offers for new players I can definitely recommend it.

  49. Ms. Reanna Jones III

    I really like the selection of Netent games at Bitstarz. I highly recommend it and one of my favourite slots.

  50. Miss Marcella Hyatt

    What I like most about Bitstarz and their Microgaming Slots is that you can make loads of money with limited deposits, or have 100% minimum and never lost any money. Full withdrawal within 24 hours to both my UK bank and PayPal accounts on the same day. Withdrawals are instant and whenever it’s needed.

  51. Meagan White Jr.

    What I like most about Bitstarz and their Playtech Slots is that your only withdrawal amount to the live player, so you can find out exactly what this is before opening the account. When you’ve decided to play, there’s absolutely no problem withdrawing your winnings. You may have to wait a while, but once they’re processed they never get removed from your account. The fun part is that they’re also double winning. In my experience with Playtech in the last few weeks, I’ve been credited more than $1000 in gameplay winnings, plus a nice bonus, so $3000 in winnings, so not bad!

  52. What I like most about Bitstarz and their PlayN GO Slots is that you can use for example gold or 0.8e+! And even with a 50% stake, you can play 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 – before you know it, you’re playing more than you originally thought! Also they provide a lot of entertainment with their speed play slots as well, especially when it comes to Cross betting! All in all, I cannot give 10/10 stars. As the owners, I have been waiting for this casino for a very long time. And now that I’m here, it’s been just a dream come true. For a price of 100€, you get 24/7 support, free cashout, 2 weeks of free bonus every month, 5 or 10% of your bonus winnings converted to real money, 20% free cashout on every post. This has me hooked! As an owner, if you want to win even just a little bit of your money, just don’t go to any other casino.

  53. Vanessa Shields

    What I like most about Bitstarz and their Yggdrasil Slots is that they accept payment in all major currencies. So you can withdraw your balance to your own bank account and still use them to win some wagering! All this through the mobile app. So I can only imagine how much they can expand this strategy. Of course, they did say that Yggdrasil Slots can be used as an account on the Multi-National Casino. So if you don’t have that kind of a credit with a 3rd party casino, here it is.And why did I write this review? Why is there a negative review to begin with? Why is the owner of this company only allowed to offer 2 reviews? Why am I being let down? Of course, they can’t keep my money. They got that right. Still, why is it an effective recommendation to give more than one review? Maybe because I went to contact them and so I can do this again. If you don’t want to stop giving reviews, read these reviews and add my comment.

  54. What I like most about Bitstarz and their Bgaming Slots is the customer service. Always supportive of me and my situation and responding to emails right away!

  55. Dr. Linnea Lemke I

    What I like most about Bitstarz and their Betsoft Slots is the quick payout and the rate of payout (if your asked for anything) on all slots. I personally dislike not being able to choose my own minimum payout amount on a piece of paper rather than just choosing the correct rate per minute and withdrawing the funds instantly. My experience with Slots may surprise you, and the customer service is very helpful and responsive.

  56. Jared Gerhold II

    What I like most about Bitstarz and their Big Time Gaming Slots is the customer service. They are the perfect people to deal with. Highly recommend these great slots. I can’t wait for the new games to come out!!

  57. Miss Bonnie Gutmann V

    What I like most about Bitstarz and their PragmaticPlay Slots is that they offer a vast variety of games, whether it be Slots, Roulette or Baccarat. I’ve been playing for around a year now and I have seen far and wide that there are loads of great games here and I have never had a bad experience with them. I was a bit nervous about playing slots with them but overall I have been very happy and would recommend them to any fans of slots. If you can find one of the Slots they offer in game it’s a good chance of winning.

  58. Marjory Greenholt

    What I like most about Bitstarz and their iSoftBet Slots is that they are great on Facebook. They send updates, deal with issues, etc, and also don’t do random spins for 4 weeks or something. So, if you need help, it’s there.Overall, great experience

  59. Prof. Katharina Erdman IV

    What I like most about Bitstarz and their Blueprint Gaming Slots is that all games play across all platforms for no additional cost with the same deposit and withdrawal process. They have a fantastic gamble rating.

  60. Mr. Clovis Schmidt

    What I like most about Bitstarz and their Thunderkick Slots is that they offer a quick reply and they are always paying out what you withdraw but if you need help or need advice just message them live, they usually respond within 2 hours.

  61. What I like most about Bitstarz and their Quickspin Slots is that they are very trustworthy, as I have written about in the past. Their support team are very helpful, as well as their live chat specialist, who was able to help me for about two hours whilst I was waiting for my withdraws.

  62. Miss Millie Vandervort Sr.

    What I like most about Bitstarz and their Netent Slots is their customer care teams. I tried to reach out to a live chat operator, and it was rudely told by a seemingly young with broken English, I can understand their customer care are there, but not his, that was in the number of chats I was able to get through without them talking about their testimonials. In total, I had to send their live chat operator multiple emails, with different amounts of queries about what the live chat operator intended, how long I had been on the site, etc, of course, I would get responded to in most cases, within a few days.With regards to the lost video slots, I only had to enter a couple of numbers twice, and see the slot start to finish, so I couldn’t understand why the slot would take more than 1 second to finish. Any bets after the fact, will go through in the subsequent slots, so basically you won’t see the lost slots, in all honesty.I do not recommend any casino on this platform, this is my first real experience of playing on a casino, and I cannot

  63. Monserrate Bartoletti Jr.

    In my opinion Bitstarz is the best Bitcoin Casino and I highly recommend to play at his casino. Here are the screenshots.

  64. In my opinion Bitstarz is the best Dogecoin Casino and the only one in the world who is so friendly towards the players.

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    In my opinion Bitstarz is the best Ethereum Casino and I feel they should have a European currency support!

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    In my opinion Bitstarz is the best BitcoinCash Casino and user experience is the best we have ever had!

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    In my opinion Bitstarz is the best Litecoin Casino and eGaming site in it’s marketplace.

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